Rubber granulate on roll obtained from recycled tyres, which are bound with polyurethane.

rubber-op-rolThe rolls are manufactured by pressing the rubber-crumb (tyres that have been ground and purified of any foreign substances) together with the polyurethane in cylinders which can be peeled after cooling in varying thicknesses and lengths. The minimum thickness that can be produced is 2 millimetres, other thicknesses are produced to meet with the clients requirements. The rolls are supplied with a maximum length of 120 meters and 2 meter wide. The product has a number of uses and here are some examples:

  • Backing for carpet
  • Under floors
  • Roof protection
  • Under washing machines
  • Between concrete in buildings to reduce noise and vibration (also under railways)

With its wide-ranging selection the product line provides the optimum "shock absorbers" for nearly every application. Our sales provide expert assistance with material and dimension selections in accordance with your needs.