Product Line Technical Compounds

  • Broad range of most common used technical compounds
  • Quality assured
  • Eco grades
  • Offer for customized materials

Product Overview

LUVOTECH Technical Compounds

GF: glass fiber; FK: : glass sphere; CF: carbon fiber; HI: high impact modified; HS: heat stabilized; TF: PTFE lubricated; SI: silicon modified;

Grade name examples:

  • LUVOTECH PA 66 GF30 >> natural
  • LUVOTECH PA 66 GF30EK >> black colored version
  • LUVOTECH eco PA 66 GF30 BK >> eco & black colored version

Product Line Technical Compounds

With this dedicated product line we offer high-quality technical compounds for a broad range of applications. The products are based on widely used polymers such as PA 6, PA 66, PC/ABS, PBT, PP.

Quality Assured Products

With sour state-of-the-art technology and testing center we assure quality controlled and assured regranulates. All grades are quality assured with respect to raw materials used, production parameters and selling specifications.

Eco Grades - Assured Sustainability

Our Eco grades contain post-industrial polymer raw materials. This allows competitive solutions with a reduced carbon footprint. We use materials from certified suppliers only, with audited production and sorting processes. The materials come with qualified characteristics. In our milling facility we have separated processes for shearing and shredding, with integrated metal detectors, dust extraction and visual inspection and sorting.

Customized Materials

Further grades and modifications are available upon request. Based on your requirements we develop your material.

About WMK Plastics

WMK Plastics GmbH is a member of the LEHVOSS Group. We run an ultra modern production site including our technical center in Solingen, Germany. Since 1984, we have specialized in compounding, recycling and selling of engineering plastics with high quality standards. Our experienced team supplies its customers with a varied spectrum of services, ranging from grinding and granulation via coloration to sophisticated technical compounds, equipped with the full bandwidth of fillers and additives.

The product portfolio is diversified and based on:

  • Virgin grades and industrial grades in the range of reinforced polyamides and individual solutions in ABS, PBT, PC, POM, PC/ABS-Blend, ASA as well as other technical polymers.
  • The use of recyclates according to customers' specifications with consistent quality for high quality applications. We offer to integrate customers' value chains into their own specified materials.
  • The ecological processing of industrial plastic waste [post production] into high quality end products is one of WMK Plastics' long-standing areas of expertise. 

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